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People in Israel come from a large variety of origins, communities and groups. There are groups whose members live in a community and others who never will.
Different groups have different common characteristics based and defined by age, gender, nationality, location, ethnical origin, religion and socio-economic background. Each group struggles with inner and external conflicts, conflicts within itself and with the Israeli society in general.
The basic understanding is that creating solidarity within all these groups is an urgent need.



The mission of "Curtain Call" is to reach different communities all over the country so as to enable them to voice themselves through the community based theater or cinema. The inter-communal meetings, followed by the working process, would lead the groups to get to know each other, to get into a dialogue – thus creating a better understanding, tolerant and solidary society.


  1. To promote community based theater within different groups and communities.
  2. To promote empowemant and social change via theater and cinema by helping communities and
    groups voice themselves.
  3. To promote dialogue by and with theater and cinema.
  4. To educate people towards the making of art and consuming culture.

Ruth November – Chair of the Executive CommitteeRuty
Lives with her family in Mevasseret Zion. Holds a bachelor degree in Political Science and History and a Master’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning. Screenwriter. Ruthy sees great importance in theater and filmmaking arts as a tool for developing social awareness and change.


Ifat Bahar – Founder & CEOIfaat
Lives in Oranit with her husband and children. Graduated from Tel-Aviv University where she studied in the department of Theater Arts. Ifat is currently studying for a Master’s degree in the same department. She believes that community-based theater has the power to alter social realities. It can bring to light socio-economic problems and empower various communities in Israel, thus planting the seeds of social change.

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